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Website is website.

Information Edit is a blog run by Leo Greene which features videos and images from inside the Cordon, filmed by Melinda and Allie.

Kown content Edit

  • Video of Lex stopping Officer Walden from violently assaulting Xander.
  • Piece accusing Lex of being a government stooge.
  • Video of Jake entering Toby's house looking for Elizabeth Franklin.
  • Video of a Muslim man getting assaulted.
  • Video titled "This is the truth they won't show you", showing dead bodies in the street.
  • Footage of the breach in the Cordon.
  • Xander's video of Mel and Allie's dead bodies, titled "Fallen Heroes".

Influence Edit

I To Die, You To Live Edit

Lommers is very satisfied when seeing the first video with Lex, because it gives him an heroic image.

Be Angry at the Sun Edit

The website's video of a Muslim man getting assaulted are evoked by journalists during Lommers' press conference. Lindsay Savage qualifies it as "a matter of free speech" while Lommers criticizes Leo's fear-mongering. She then asks Lex to make Leo Greene stop scaring people. Later, after Lex hasn't succeeded and that a new video about the breach is uploaded, Lommers shuts down communications within the Cordon.

It is mentioned that Leo has gained almost a million followers since the beginning of the outbreak.

Like a Sheep Among the Wolves Edit

The news show the blog's newest video, "Fallen Heroes" with Mel and Allie's bodies, which angers Lommers and she orders Chief Besser to find out how the video got out of the Cordon.

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